Hatteras Island Space Ship

Recognize this unique building?
Originally brought down by Dr. Lee & Mary Jane Russo, this unique “space ship” style house was used as the family’s private vacation home. Designed by Finnish architect, Matti Suuronen in 1968, the Futuro House is complete with living, sleeping and dining areas.  

After years of use by the Russo family, they decided to donate the space ship home to the local volunteer fire department and moved to Frisco. It was later purchased by the owners of the Scotch Bonnet and used as a year round rental, office space for the island publication The Monitor, campground office and lastly, an ice cream and hot dog stand.

The future home now sits along Highway 12 in Frisco and has become a famed island attraction. Decked out in an alien space theme, the space ship is a hot spot for photos and comes complete with its own live Martian!

Photo: Outer Banks History Center – David Stick Collection


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