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Monofilament Recycling Program

Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Cape Lookout Studies have joined together in a new recycling program for monofilament (fishing line). Cape Lookout Studies organization promotes the Monofilament Recycling and Recovery Program and has placed over 45 recycling bins across the North Carolina coast.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore currently has three recycling bins located at Ramp 44 in Buxton, Ramp 55 in Hatteras Village, and the Frisco Bath House beach access. 

The recycling bins are pipe-shaped tube with a message stating the importance of recycling monofilament. By recycling monofilament, we are keeping our waterways free of fishing lines that inadvertently snare marine mammals and wildlife, including bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, birds and fish. 

To date, the organization has recycled over 1,100 miles of discarded fishing line. Recycled monofilament is sent to Berkley Conservation Institute in Iowa, where the fishing line is turned into structures used for fish habitats calle…

Realtor Tips with Hatteras Realty's Mary Anne Hill

Check out MaryAnne Hill, a Broker with Hatteras Realty, on Destination America’s series “Buying the Beach!” MaryAnne will be featured on an episode of “Buying the Beach” in late June or July. The episode will feature affordable Hatteras Island beach homes as well as Hatteras Island as a whole.
In addition, Destination America is currently featuring MaryAnne on their website under Buying the Beach’s “Realtor Tips!”She will broadcast a new “Realtor Tip” each week describing important facts related to home ownership along the beach. Be sure to check it out!