The Outer Banks Family Vacation

Karen Holmes and her family vacation with Hatteras Realty and love staying on the oceanfront in Buxton at the Harper House. Mrs. Holmes’s daughter had an assignment to write an autobiographical story and she chose to write about her family vacations to the Outer Banks. Below is Abigail’s vacation story. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thank Holmes Family for sharing your vacations with Hatteras Realty!  

The Outer Banks Family Vacation

By: Abigail J. Holmes

The first week of September the Holmes family will most likely be on the way to the Outer Banks or already there. When we get to the Outer Banks, we have to stop at Hatteras Realty. That’s where we pick up the keys to the Harper house, that’s the beach house’s name. When we get there, it will be late. So, we bring all the stuff up one of the flights of steps and go inside! We will go straight to each of our bedrooms and put on pajamas and brush our teeth. Then we will lie down to sleep, but we probably will be too excited about being there to do so. When we finally do go to sleep it will most likely be around 1:00 AM. The room that my sister and I sleep in has a pretty pastel rainbow comforter and a view of the Hatteras lighthouse. There are twin beds in that room and my sister Clara and I like to jump from one to the other. In my brother’s room there are also twin beds and a view of the Hatteras lighthouse. The only differences between the two bedrooms are my bedroom has a closet without a water heater, my bedroom is bigger and it doesn’t have a comforter with ducks on it! The house has four bedrooms, two and a half baths and two decks that only go around three sides of the house.  It gets very windy on the decks, but I’m glad they’re there. On the top deck there’s a picnic table that we don’t use while we’re there because anything that is light enough will blow off. It is still nice to sit in the lounge chairs on the decks. The back deck we almost never go on because it’s shady and very chilly!
When we wake up in the morning, we might find that one of my kind and loving parents has brought us fresh donuts from Orange Blossom Bakery. Sometimes, I’ll go with them to the bakery if I’m up early enough. The donuts smell so good and they melt in your mouth. I love going to Orange Blossom Bakery, but I love going to Uncle Eddy’s Frozen Custard even more! Uncle Eddy’s Frozen Custard is a really fun really cool place. It has a putt-putt course in front of the building and yummy ice cream inside of the building, along with a small gift shop where you can buy souvenirs. We usually get a cone of rich, creamy ice cream. At the putt-putt course, there’s an awesome surf board bench that my mom always has us stand on and pose for a picture!

The Harper House is right on the beach so we don’t have to walk very far to get to the beach. When we get there, I’ll be able to feel the wind in my hair and the waves at my feet! I love to play in the waves and build a sand castle with my mom. It’s also a tradition for my dad, my brother Matthew and sometimes Clara and I to dig a four foot-by-four foot hole in the sand. When we dig it, we build a sand bench into it to sit on. Once, we even went in Hatteras Lighthouse. It was a workout to walk up all those steps, but the view alone was worth it. The view was breathtaking, and it looked like a beautiful painting! We love playing hide and go seek at the beach house because it has the best places to hide. Once, I hid in the kitchen corner cabinet. I’m surprised I fit! Another time I hid in the kitchen pantry. They never found me! On the last day we look for a treasure map that pirates leave at our beach house on the decks or inside the house. When we find it, we all dress up like pirates and follow the directions on the map onto the beach. I love to look at the directions on the map. Next we will find a big X that marks the spot and dig there with shovels! Then we take the chest out of the sand and look inside to find treasure. The next morning we’ll go home. On our way home, we will stop in Kitty Hawk to look in the shops and fly our kites. The shops are fun to look in, but we normally don’t buy anything which is okay with me. We climb up this huge sand dune called Jockey’s Ridge and fly our kites. The beach is big with hills and there’s a really cool old abandon putt-putt course that has a four-foot tall castle that we love to see when we’re there. It’s very fun to fly kites there because it’s windy all the time and you can fly them really high. After were done looking in the stores and flying the kites on the sandy hills, we’ll go home and again get home very late. So we’ll go straight to bed and dream about next year when we go to the beach. 



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