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Results are in: Take More Beach Vacations!

Whether you are planning a trip or involved in any type of travel sales, you will want to know about a new survey: it says that better health may be as easy as taking more trips. More than eight out of ten travelers say they feel energized and productive after returning from a leisure trip, says the American Travel Behavior Survey conducted online by Harris Interactive. So, kick off 2012 by adding ‘take more trips’ to your New Year's resolution list, and take advantage of the long New Year's Eve weekend by booking an affordable getaway at one of our accommodating rental homes!
Weight loss and quitting smoking are some of the New Year's resolutions associated with creating a healthier lifestyle, but now you can complement that list with ‘take a beach vacation!’ Adding frequent travel to the mix offers much more than a few days off from work or away from home; “science has shown that it can also provide substantial health benefits,” according to Hotwire. "Travel stimula…