Thanksgiving Getaway on Hatteras Island

The Carolinas are a well-known summer destination, but this year it’s fast becoming a much-favored Thanksgiving getaway.  It’s a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving tradition while actually spending time with the family on vacation!

Off season pricing during Thanksgiving week can be astonishingly reasonable. Gather all your family, and extended family, in one of our large accommodating homes and split the cost amongst the members. This can make for a better deal than any hotel. Not to mention, everyone will have real beds, multiple TVs, a large equipped kitchen, and breath taking views. 

Hosting a large Thanksgiving can be overwhelming. In one of our rental homes, everyone is a guest! You can share the exhausting tasks with everyone involved. Not just one person has to be in charge of cleaning dishes, setting the table, cleaning all the sheets and towels, etc. Don’t forget the best added bonus to renting a home, maid service when you leave!

November is a fabulous time to visit Hatteras Island, too! The warm weather is a perfect invite to get out and enjoy activities such as walking the beach, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, or even a nice bike ride through the village. Best of all the beaches are wide open and beautiful! If you ask any local most will tell you their favorite season on Hatteras Island is the fall months.

There are so many reasons why the Outer Banks are becoming a favorable holiday getaway! Why not combined your traditional Thanksgiving feast with a memorable family vacation too?

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  1. I've been to Hatteras a few times now and absolutely loved it! The privacy and relaxation was a much needed vacation. I am currently looking into getting Cape Cod vacation rentals but after that, I can really see us getting some property down in Hatteras too.


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