Message From the Owner- CSA

Dear Guests,
Amy Helle, Hatteras Realty Vice President, and I traveled to Orlando, Florida and met with two representatives of CSA, your travel insurance providers.
We discussed terms of coverage. Those CSA policy holders who purchased policies for rentals from the time of the evacuation, August 25, to the time when it was lifted, September 15, are fully covered. In fact, CSA extended the coverage, according to the terms of the policy, through September 17. Additionally CSA was committed to covering those guests who were under the existing Mandatory Evacuation Order in the Hatteras Island villages of Waves, Rodanthe and Salvo.This evacuation order was lifted on Monday, October 10, 2011.
Those holding policies for travel stays after September 17 are not covered by Trip Insurance as per terms of the policy. The policy term has always been from the time when civil authorities say "Get Out" through the time they announce "Come Back."  The cold hard truth is CSA never anticipated the island being cut in two and access being affected for three weeks until a bridge was built.  It was not addressed under the terms of the policy. This sucks, but there it is.
However, we are working with CSA, along with the NC Department of Insurance, to come up with a mitigated solution for those who hold policies that were in effect for the time period of September 17 through October 10.
Meanwhile, I was told by CSA that for those that have had their claims denied, CSA is now reopening those files and will be getting back to you. Those of you who have not filed, please submit your claims to CSA.
I will explain more fully in a video I plan to post on Tuesday afternoon, October 18.
Thank you,
R. Stewart Couch
Hatteras Realty


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