Official Statement from CSA 9.30.11

Below is the official statement from CSA Travel Protection regarding coverage after Hurricane Irene.

Due to Hurricane Irene, Dare County, NC issued a Mandatory Evacuation Order on August 25, 2011. That order was lifted on September 15, with the exception of the villages of Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo, which are still under Mandatory Evacuation. Access to the remainder of the Hatteras Island area after September 15 has been restricted to ferry service, as Highway 12 is still being repaired. Currently, visitors to the Hatteras area are dealing with reduced ferry capacity that may delay their arrival dates.

CSA’s policy provides coverage for visitors unable to travel to areas that were under the Mandatory Evacuation order at the time of their scheduled trip. Unfortunately, the policy does not provide coverage for Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption as a result of reduced ferry capacity; however, there is coverage under Travel Delay for additional accommodation expenses incurred while waiting for a ferry reservation.

The circumstances of each claim are individually reviewed, and we encourage anyone affected by any of these events to file a claim.

CSA has been committed to the vacation rental business since 1991, and a partner of vacation rental companies in the Hatteras area since that time, and we regret that we are unable to afford coverage to everyone adversely affected by this hurricane. We will be exploring ways to modify our policy language for future circumstances such as this.

As always, your account representative is available should you have additional questions.

CSA Travel Protection


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