Message from Stewart Regarding CSA

From Stewart Couch, Owner of Hatteras Realty
I posted a video on 15-SEP wherein I attempted to answer many questions you have concerning access to Hatteras Island and the status of trip insurance. We are still awaiting a conclusive answer as CSA, their attorneys and the attorneys for the reinsurer are locked in debate as to the obligations of the reinsurer, and the language per the Dare County Board of Commissioners on September 12. It ain't over 'til it's over.

I received a personal e-mail from an executive of CSA and I am sharing with you an excerpt from her e-mail to me. This personal e-mail to me does not necessarily reflect the views of CSA, but is the personal view of this CSA executive. As per my video, let's wait and see what happens as the discussion progresses. Please know that CSA is a reputable company and has been serving the public for decades in good stead. They want to cover your losses but have to obtain the go ahead to get the monies from the reinsurer. The answer is not a firm "no" so far as CSA is doing everything they can to make this right. Let's see what happens.

If they can't, I will do what I can from our end.

R. Stewart Couch
Hatteras Realty, Inc.
Just got home and checking my messages. It certainly weighs heavily on my conscious knowing we have helpless insureds needing us right now more than ever and we are dead locked just waiting for the final yes/no.
Watching your video had me in tears, probably just the build up of emotions from the week, the coverage nightmare, waiting for answers, hundreds of emails and voice mails to get through.

I know I don't need to tell you this but "You are a good man!" Your support means so much to me and the CSA organization. At the end of the day we all want the same thing, happy guests, happy insureds. Please know we are fighting hard. We have the best interest of your guests and our insureds in mind."


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