After the Storm Update 9.4.11 9PM

Re-Entry for Residents of All Hatteras Island Villages Begins Monday at Noon

Re-Entry for Hatteras Island Residents, with proper identification, will begin at 12:00 noon, Monday, September 5. Residents must present a driver’s license showing a local address for one of the Hatteras Island Villages.

This re-entry applies to residents in all Hatteras Island Villages and beginning at 12:00 noon Monday it will supersede the previously announced staged re-entry by village with alphabetically based boarding times. However, residents of Hatteras Village that were scheduled for staged re-entry prior to 12:00 noon Monday will be accommodated as planned.

The resident re-entry beginning at 12:00 noon Monday also includes insurance adjusters with proper identification.

The expanded re-entry for residents is possible due to the progress that has been made restoring vital services and infrastructure throughout all the villages of the island.

Although the Ferry Division will be operating multiple ferry lines to accommodate the re-entry effort, everyone is asked to please be patient during the re-entry process as long lines are anticipated. Your cooperation is appreciated.

The resident re-entry for all Hatteras Island Villages will board at the NCDOT ferry dock in Stumpy Point, on the Dare County Mainland. For ferry schedule information, call the NCDOT Ferry Division at 1-800-BY-FERRY.

Updated Information for Non-Resident Property Owners

As further progress is made solidifying the recovery infrastructure for Hatteras Island, additional re-entry procedures will be announced for non-resident property owners. Efforts are being made to accomplish this as quickly as possible.

Updated Information for Hatteras Island Visitors

Dare County Emergency Management is continuing to monitor progress in the ongoing effort to restore the services that need to be in place to support visitor re-entry. Although progress has been made and re-entry has been announced for resident re-entry, the infrastructure is too fragile at this time to allow re-entry of non-residents.

Visitors with upcoming travel plans for Hatteras Island are advised that visitor re-entry will not begin until a future date, sometime after September 17.

There are many factors to consider in determining when visitor re-entry can begin. These include reliable utility services, road conditions, debris removal, and the availability of food, water, essential supplies and other commodities. Other determining factors include adequate infrastructure to assure public health, safety and welfare as well as the restoration of vital business services that are needed to sustain and serve non-residents of Hatteras Island.

Visitors with travel plans to Hatteras Island over the next few weeks, should seek accommodations elsewhere in Dare County, north of Oregon Inlet. If you need help finding lodging, contact the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau at 1-877-629-4386 or visit


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