After the Storm FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions off our Facebook page. Check here to see if any of your questions have been answered. We will try to update this with new questions and answers when we get them. Thank you!
What is the best way to follow up with a request for comp time?

You can call 800.428.8372 to speak with a reservation specialist or email Please be patient for a response. Contacting homeowners can take several weeks. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

When can we come back on the island?
HWY 12 is open to all traffic via the temporary bridge at Pea Island. All vehicles have through access to all villages.

Where can we get official information?
Check for official announcements from Dare County. The Emergencey Management Bulletins will keep you informed with the latest information.

For those of us that want to help, what are reputable local charities that are supporting the local people?
Check out the Outer Banks Relief Foundation, Oregon Inlet Idiots and the NC Beach Buggy Association websites. All of these have ways to help by donating.

How do I get to the Swan Quarter or Cedar Island ferries?
To Cedar Island from:
Rocky Mt.

To Swan Quarter from:
Rocky Mt.


  1. On 9/22 you wrote, "We understand that the ferry system is sold out through Wednesday, Sept 21. We also understand that you may not be able to get here for your Sat. check in. We are currently working on answers to these concerns and should have more information soon."

    Do you have any information yet??? If we cannot get ferry reservations what are we supposed to do? Thanks.

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