Storm Status: Hurricane Irene FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions off our Facebook page. Check here to see if any of your questions have been answered. We will try to update this with new questions and answers when we get them. Thank you!

Why can’t we get through on your phone number?
As of right now, there is no power on the island. As long as the power is out, so are the phones and computer systems. We hope to have a temporary office set up in Nags Head soon to try and answer all your questions.
When can we come back on the island? We understand your frustration about the uncertainty of the situation. Hatteras Island is currently inaccessible due to multiple breaches on NC-12. However, we don’t want to speculate at all on how long it will take to fix the road. Once we get the announcement that evacuation has been lifted and guests can come onto the island we will let everyone know. In the meantime, please be patient.
We heard that the evacuation was lifted?
Dare County has lifted the evacuation for the areas north of Oregon Inlet beginning on 8/29/11 at noon, with the exception of Duck. At this time, there will be no re-entry to Hatteras Island. NC Hwy 12 was breached in several places north of Rodanthe. Further announcements will be made by NCDOT when ferry service is available for residents and visitors.
Where can we get official documentation of the evacuation? Check for official announcements fromDare County the Emergencey Management Bulletins will keep you informed with the latest information.

What if we miss some of our vacation due to the evacuation and impassable road?
If you have purchased travel insurance, you should call CSA directly to start your claim & ask any questions regarding insurance coverage. The number is (800) 711-1197.
Can we purchase travel insurance now if we haven’t already?
The insurance company will not cover Hurricane Irene if you did not purchase coverage before it became a named storm.
Will we be able to get on the island via ferry?
At this time we don’t know when the Ocracoke Island-Hatteras Island ferries will resume service. We also have not heard any news about the emergency Stumpy Point-Rodanthe ferry being open to visitors. We will let you know as soon as we learn anything about either ferry.
When will we know whether we should expect to come for our vacation scheduled after this week? Currently, we do not know when access to Hatteras Island will be allowed for visitors. Again, we don’t want to speculate on how long it will take to get the roads fix and when access will be available for all visitors. As soon as we have an idea we will contact any guests whose vacations will be affected.


  1. Forget access if there is no power and the yards are flooded and the roads are destroyed and visitors arent allowed on the island BUT didn't buy insurance then you thieves still get to keep the money from all those poor soles. That's criminal. You know Karma is a bitch.


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