Storm Status: Hurricane Irene August 30, 2011 930PM

 Storm Recovery Update for Hatteras Island & Other Areas of Dare County


North of Oregon Inlet - Reentry is now permitted for all residents and visitors (re-entry priorities 1,2,3,4) for portions of Dare County north of Oregon Inlet. Prior to re-entry visitors are urged to contact their accommodations provider to confirm that lodging will be available.

Hatteras Island - At this time there is no re-entry to Hatteras Island. Dare County Emergency Management is monitoring the efforts of Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative in restoring service to the island and will make further assessment of the situation once generator power is available for the entire island. Emergency Management understands the importance of restoring resident re-entry to Hatteras Island as quickly as possible and is taking the necessary steps to provide access for residents as soon as conditions and infrastructure can support re-entry.

The Ferry Division of NCDOT is transporting critical personnel and essential commodities on special routes between Stumpy Point, on the Dare County Mainland, to Rodanthe and Hatteras Village. For ferry information call 800-293-3779.

Ferry transportation is also being provided for those with Special Needs. This service is for vital medical appointments, scheduled surgeries and similar needs. Advance registration is required for this through Dare County Social Services. Call 475-5500 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Appointments are required for Special Needs ferry service.


Electric Service
Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative (CHEC) is currently providing emergency power to the villages of Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras from diesel generators. Two 2 megawatt generators were scheduled to be delivered by ferry to the island today. These units will be used to bring emergency power to Avon and the tri-villages. CHEC expects to have these generators in place and running by Tuesday evening.

At this time, CHEC is urging all members to conserve use of electricity until permanent transmission service is restored.

• Limit usage during PEAK TIMES (9AM TO 9PM) of the day 
• Turn off all unnecessary lights
• Set air conditioners to the highest comfortable setting
• Curtail use of or turn off major appliances during PEAK TIMES

Cooperation of all electric customers will allow all members of CHEC to enjoy electric service for their essential needs. Crews will continue to work Tuesday on temporary and permanent solutions to the damaged transmission lines at the breach points north of Rodanthe. CHEC is grateful for your patience and cooperation.

Curfew – Hatteras Island

At the request of the Dare County Sheriff’s Office, a curfew on Hatteras Island is in effect from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. During the curfew period, individuals should remain indoors. Those who violate the curfew are subject to criminal prosecution. The curfew will remain in effect until further notice. The curfew also applies to anyone attempting to gain access to Hatteras Island by watercraft or any marine vessel during the curfew period. Coast guard boats will be patrolling the area during curfew hours. Restricted access to Hatteras Island remains in effect. Only individuals and entities identified by Dare County Emergency Management as essential personnel or persons with special needs are authorized reentry to Hatteras Island.

Emergency Shelter Information – Hatteras Island
An emergency shelter is open at the Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo community building. This shelter is for residents who cannot return to their homes as a result of the storm. Cots will be provided. Please bring any personal items you may need, such as bedding, toiletries, medications, as well as diapers and other baby supplies. Those with special dietary needs should bring those items with them. Pets will not be accepted at this emergency shelter. For more information, call 252-475-5655. 

Feeding Programs & Food Pantries – Hatteras Island

Avon, Rodanthe
The Salvation Army is providing meals at the the Avon Volunteer Fire Department, and the Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo, Community Center.

Buxton Methodist Church Food Pantry 
The Food Pantry at the Buxton Methodist Church will be open from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, beginning Wednesday.

Transportation Assistance 
Dare County is providing vans for transportation to points within Hatteras Island for those whose vehicles may be inoperable because of the storm. The vans will be available at the Fessenden Center and the Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Community Center. Contact the Chicamacomico Banks Volunteer Fire Department or the Buxton Volunteer Fire Department for this assistance. 

Dare County is also providing free transportation between Rodanthe and Hatteras Village for residents to pick up groceries, medications, doctor visits, etc. Call 475-5650 to a schedule a pick up time.

Hatteras Schools – Cape Hatteras Schools are closed for Wednesday, August 31.

Trash Pick-up
Dare County Public Works will pick up trash in Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo on Wednesday, August 30. On Thursday, trash pickup returns to its regular schedule. Public Works requests that all storm debris be placed on the state right of way, on the side of the road, which will be picked up at a later time. Vegetative debris, including tree limbs, should be separated from all other items such building supplies and appliances. Do NOT bring debris to the Public Works Department. 

Water System Low Pressure Advisory - Hatteras Island Water Distribution Systems

Water samples are being collected today throughout the water distribution systems on Hatteras Island as a precaution to verify there is no coliform bacteria within the water distribution system. The results of these samples will be available 24 hours after the sample is collected. Therefore, customers on the Hatteras Island Water Distribution Systems are advised to boil all water used for human consumption as a precaution until further notice. 
Boiling the water to a full rolling boiling for a period of one (1) minute before use for consumption (drinking or making tea, coffee, Kool-Aid etc.) or ice making should greatly reduce the possibility of any bacteriological contamination. If you can not boil the water, add plain household bleach (which is 4% to 6% chlorine) using ¼ teaspoon per gallon. Water should have a slight bleach odor. Because boiling water can increase nitrate levels that might be present, bottled water or stored water should be used by pregnant women and be used for preparing infant formula. If possible, infants and pregnant women should drink bottled water. If you do not have bottled water available to drink than it is better for them to drink boiled water than to drink water that is not boiled and may be contaminated.

No microbiological contamination has been found in the drinking water as a result of this incident. Samples will be collected from throughout the affected area to confirm the microbiological quality as soon as pressure is restored.

Water Conservation Request
The Dare County Water Department is requesting that all water users on Hatteras Island limit their water use to personal consumption. Dare County Water is operating their water production facilities on generator power to reduce the electrical demand on the electrical grid during the Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperatives efforts to restore power to their customers on Hatteras Island. The water production facilities are currently operating at a limited capacity under generator power. Water service continues to be available in all communities on Hatteras Island. Your conservation efforts will assist us in ensuring an adequate water supply will be available for future personal consumption and fire protection. 


Disaster Recovery Assistance - Interfaith Community Outreach (ICO)

Interfaith Community Outreach (ICO) is staffing a telephone information center to provide help for those with specific recovery needs. Call (252) 475-5758 or 475-5759 for assistance. ICO is coordinating requests for assistance in cleaning homes and yards using resources from the Christ in Action Group, NC Baptist Men (NCBM), and other service organization. If you would like to volunteer time, labor, or make donations to the ICO disaster recovery effort, call (252) 475-5758 or 275-5759.

Emergency Shelter Information – Manteo
The American Red Cross is operating an emergency shelter at the Dare County Center in Manteo. This shelter is for residents who cannot return to their homes as a result of the storm. Please bring any personal items you may need, such as bedding, toiletries, medications, as well as diapers and other baby supplies. Those with special dietary needs should bring those items with them. Pets will not be accepted at this emergency shelter. For more information, call 252-475-5655. 

Feeding Programs & Food Pantries

NC Baptist Men - Manteo
The North Carolina Baptist Men (NCBM) will offer hot meals for lunch and dinner at the Manteo Baptist Church. NCBM will be serving lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and dinner from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on a daily basis. 

Red Cross & Salvation Army – Stumpy Point, Manns Harbor, Colington
In Stumpy Point and Manns Harbor, the Red Cross is providing hot meals. They will be providing mobile feeding in Colington beginning Wednesday, August 31.

Salvation Army – Kitty Hawk 
The Salvation Army is providing meals at the Kitty Hawk Fire Station.

Dare County Schools
All Dare County Schools north of Oregon Inlet will be open on Wednesday, August 31, at the regular time. 

Manteo Elementary School kindergarten students will come to school on a regular schedule. There is no staggered schedule. School doors open at 7:35. Parents should try to come with the student to fill out the first day paperwork with the teacher if possible.

Dare County Trash Pick-up
The usual Tuesday pick-up will be Wednesday, August 31. Normal pick-up will then resume Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Public Works requests that all storm debris be placed on the state right of way, on the side of the road, which will be picked up at a later time. Vegetative debris, including tree limbs, should be separated from all other items such building supplies and appliances. Do NOT bring debris to the Public Works Department. 

Dare County Planning Department
Building permits are not needed for minor repairs such as shingle replacement, window replacement, and other non-structural repairs costing less than $5000. Repairs that involve structural work and exceed $5000 in cost will require a building permit. There will be no Dare County building permit fees associated with storm damage repair in the unincorporated areas. CAMA permit fees for storm damage have also been waived by the State of North Carolina. The State of North Carolina does not reciprocate with any other state’s general contracting or sub-contacting licenses. 

Town of Duck
The Duck Town Council will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at the Duck Public Safety Meeting, 1259 Duck Road. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss issues related to Hurricane Irene. There are sporadic power outages throughout Duck, as well as cable and internet outages. The Duck Town Park and Boardwalk are currently closed. Residents and visitors are asked to stay away from areas that are blocked off or closed for public safety reasons. 

The Town has implemented an expedited storm permit process for those who have incurred damage from Hurricane Irene. The Town of Duck Administrative Office is now located at 1259 Duck Road, the Town's Public Safety Building. The telephone number is the same (252) 255-1234. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All storm debris should be placed in the right-of-way (not on road, bike path, or Duck Trail) for pick up at a later time. Debris should be separated, specifically vegetative debris should be separated from all other storm debris. Individuals are advised to be careful around debris and to recognize safety issues may be present including propane leaks, contaminated water, and displaced/dead wildlife. For specific information, visit, follow us on Facebook at Town of Duck, Twitter at DuckPR, or call our emergency hotline at (252) 255-1286.

Town of Manteo
The Town of Manteo will be waiving the building permit fees for repairs and reconstruction related to the damage caused by Hurricane Irene.

Town of Nags Head
Nags Head is not under a water boil advisory. The debris yard is open 8 am-4 pm through Saturday. You need a sticker from Public Works to use the yard. Call 252-441-1122 for more information. If you had water that covered electrical equipment, even if it was just in a storage enclosure, please contact a licensed electrician to check your wiring and then visit the Planning Department for a permit, if needed. If you have questions, please call Nags Head Planning and Development at 252-441-7016. There will be no fee for storm-related building permits until September 9 2011. Dominion Power is working hard to restore electric service to all affected Nags Head customers. We are working to determine when FEMA and the Small Business Administration will be in the area for public assistance purposes. 

Town of Southern Shores
Trinite Trail – Juniper Trail Bridge into Chicahauk area of Southern Shores now open.

National Park Service
The Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center and the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site Visitor Center will return to regular hours on Wednesday.

Dare County Department of Public Health
All services of The Dare County Department of Public Health (DCDPH) are open and fully operational, this includes: clinical services, environmental health services, home health & hospice and New Horizons. The public may call the Dare County Department of Public Health at 475-5003.

DCDPH - Public Health Advisories
The Dare County Department of Public Health has issued public health advisories regarding mosquito control, for entire advisory please go to

Dare County Mosquito Control has plans to spray (via truck) the following communities this evening (pending weather conditions) and every evening for the next four (4) days: Hatteras Village, Frisco, Buxton, Stumpy Point, East Lake, Manns Harbor, Wanchese, Manteo, Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills & Colington Harbor, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores and Duck. 

Dare County Water Department
The Dare County Water Department today rescinded the Water System Low Pressure Advisory for its water distribution systems north of Oregon Inlet. Samples collected from multiple locations within the distribution systems have been analyzed and found to free of coliform bacteria. Based on these results, the continued presence of adequate chlorine residuals, and maintenance of constant pressure throughout the distribution system, the Water System Low Pressure Advisory is rescinded effective immediately. You are no longer required to boil your water prior to consuming. The water production facilities, north of Oregon lnlet, are operating at full production capacity and have normal power restored.

Dare County Libraries
For up to date information about Dare County Library hours, please visit the library website at

Dare County Emergency Management will issue updates and bulletins on an as needed basis and will be available on and Government Access Channel 20.


  1. Thank you for this update. My heart is just broken that our beloved Outer Banks took such a beating from Irene. We visited earlier this summer. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you rebuild.


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