Storm Status: Hurricane Irene August 29,2011 1030AM

Dare County has posted a re-entry video explaining who can get back on the islands and when (still NO estimate for re-entry for residents OR visitors to Hatteras Island south of Oregon Inlet):

From our owner Stewart Couch via Skype-
I understand that your vacation is precious and important to you. It's important to us too. Many of our homes are ready for check-ins, but there is still no power, no internet, and spotty phone service. We can only check people in when they let people onto the island and restore power. I understand that a ferry came over today with essential personnel andsupplies, hopefully the ferry service will be running soon. The ferry will start transporting residents to assess damage and then once the residents have a chance to come over, maybe they'll open it up to visitors.

There are 25 employees staying at our Avon office, and 50 employees showed up to work today.

20 of 30 zones have been inspected, over 400 homes in all. All of them appear to be ok. The oceanside fared better than the soundside homes as you can imagine. But even the soundside homes seemed to be in good order with the exception of soundfront pools.
Hatteras/Frisco/Buxton all seemed to be in decent shape, while the northern villages suffered most of the flooding.

It was mostly a wind and flooding event, with some shingles blown off. Definitely not a rain event. Of all our homes, approximately 530 suffered no damage (great news!). Only 45 or so suffered some damage, and the rest we are working on figuring out tomorrow. The biggest damage seems to be soundfront pools popping up, but nothing catastrophic.

Water made it to the 3rd step of the front entrance to our Avon office. It was within 6 inches of entering the pool.

All cars at the Avon post office were flooded, as well as some cars in our Avon parking lot. The water was really high on Saturday night.
I was able to travel from the southern end of Hatteras all the way up to the breach at the S-Curves north of Rodanthe. So it seems that the roads are in decent shape, it's getting on the island that will be the issue. Our crafty guests can probably find a way onto the island once it opens up to visitor access, but it may take a ferry to Ocracoke or a ferry from Stumpy Point when they start transporting visitors.

We had 3 and a half feet of water in our historic Waves village office, we will repair that damage as quickly as possible.

The important thing is that all of our staff is safe and sound, and we are working to prepare our homes and our island for our guests.

We will just have to wait until the path to Hatteras Island is open and power is restored. We are as anxious as you are, please stay tuned and we hope to have a temporary office set up in Nags Head tomorrow and we will try to answer your questions. Please bear with us as we pick up the pieces.



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