Storm Status: Hurricane Irene August 28,2011 2PM

Dare County announced that limited re-entry will be allowed starting at 2 p.m. for residents, property owners and essential personnel except to Duck and Hatteras Island, which are not accessible. Re opening to visitors on the Outer Banks has been announced yet.
Access to Hatteras Island is blocked by sand and debris on N.C. 12, and the county said that the state Ferry Division is arranging emergency ferry service. More information will be available later in the day.
Flooding that rushed onto the west side of the barrier islands was extensive as the storm passed Saturday and winds shifted.
“Emergency Management advises everyone to stay indoors, and not attempt to drive until advised to do so after the damage assessment can be completed,” Dare County officials said in a statement.
Please keep checking back with us on new updates. Power is out across much of the OBX which is making communication difficult. Thank you for your patience! 


  1. First off, thank you Abby for staying in Avon during the eye of Irene. Your videos and updates were awesome. We are all happy that you safe and that the worst of the storm is over. Currently, my family is here with me in Raleigh and we are awaiting an update concerning the readiness of Avon. It appears HY12 requires considerable repair as seen by the recent pictures on the internet. Could you please given us a reasonable estimate when HY 12, the vacation homes, beach access points, and surround roads will be accessible? My parents are in a hotel and we are "vacationing" in Raleigh. It is unfair to keep us all in limbo. Please give us an update on the reality of our vacation home, beach access points, and local road being ready by Tuesday for our scheduled return. Thank you.

  2. Hi Abby, we are also very happy that you are safe, and that the worst is past. Similar to Jenna's parents, we are currently "vacationing" just inland at a hotel and waiting to get to our rental. If you could provide an update that would be great, any information would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello Jenna & Lauren!
    Currently Abby is without power,phone, or internet. I have been trying my best to keep everyone posted, but it is very difficult getting in touch with them myself. At this time, I can not give you an estimate on when you will be able to come back on the island. Please keep checking our blogs and facebook page for updates. The second I hear anything new I will post it. You may also want to contact CSA if you have purchased trip insurance with any questions you might have on filing a claim. (800) 711-1197.

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