Storm Status: Hurricane Irene August 31, 2011 5PM

          Guests scheduled to arrive this weekend, and interested in alternatives for a vacation on the Outer Banks, can contact Brindley Beach Vacations on the northern Outer or call 1-877-642-3224. They have agreed to work with us, and our guests, to find new accomodations. Brindley will make every attempt to find you a similar property, and in the same price range that you orginially paid for your Hatteras Island home. When you contact Brindley Beach vacations let them know that you are a Hatteras Realty guest.

It is important to know that the trip insurance only covers the days lost due to a mandatory evacuation. No one knows at this point when the mandatory evacuation will be lifted, but we will post all evacuation updates to our website and Facebook as they are received. It is doubtful that the island will be reopened to our guests by next week, but we can not commit to any dates at this moment since that determination is just not possible.

For more information on your trip insurance coverage, please contact CSA at or (800) 711-1197. Thank you.


  1. Thank you for the information.
    I have been checking all sites from DARE CO to the NC DOT. They all say the same thing. No one knows but, they anticipate the road will not be repaired for over 2 months. In fact, if you go to this site you will see they are talking about 5 - 6 months. They also mention that the Bonner Bridge has 18,000 vehicles crossing each day. The ferry can carry 35 - 40 vehicles. If the ferry could hold 40 vehicles on each trip that would be 450 crossings a day! 450 crossings at 2.5 hours each = 1125 hours or 46 days?

    Also, if a ferry is in place I understand it takes 2 1/2 hours to get from Stumpy Point to Rodanthe? Once we are there will we be able to purchase food, gas, and other essentials? Will the cost for them be so high we won't be able to buy them? Is the electric going to be on, will we have cable, phones, and all of the amenities of our house?

    I'd really like to follow the advice of the owner and book a house in the North to be sure our vacation will still be in place.I can not do so without proper documentation from your office to complete the claim against the travel insurance. I have been emailing and calling and have not got a definitive answer.
    I won't stop supporting the Outer Banks. I love it there. Please respond to my emails by allowing me to file an insurance claim.

  2. If trip insurance was not purchased and I have booked and paid for the week of 9/17 to 9/24 in Avon, what are my options? There are also the ferries to Ocracoke and then the ferry from Ocracoke to Hatteras--which I am willing to take to get there. If the island remains closed to visitors after 9/17 is it possible to 1) receive a refund, or 2) book an alternate week in October or November? Please address this concern as I am sure I am not the only renter in this unfortuante situation. Thank you.


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