Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 27, 2011 6PM

8.27.11 6PM
There is No Entry Permitted Into Dare County or Currituck Outer Banks
There are widespread reports of power outages, downed lines, fallen trees, and impassable roads in Dare and Currituck counties. Contingency plans and resources are ready to begin restoration efforts as soon as it is safe to begin. Restoration efforts will be outlined in upcoming bulletins from Emergency Management after the initial damage assessment is completed. 

Dare County Emergency Management and Currituck County Emergency Management have damage assessment teams in place to perform an initial assessment once Hurricane Irene has passed. This assessment will be completed as quickly as possible and used to determine the first phase of re-entry. Until this can be done, there is no entry into Dare County, or the Currituck Outer Banks, and no entry to Hatteras Island for those in the northern portions of Dare County.

Before attempting re-entry to Dare County, or the Currituck Outer Banks, visit or call 1-877-629-4386 (available after 8:00 a.m. Sunday, August 28) for updated information regarding when re-entry will be permitted. Once re-entry is allowed, you should also call your accommodations provider to confirm that lodging will be available.

Severe weather conditions will continue throughout the day for all of Dare County. Everyone is strongly urged to continue to remain indoors, do not attempt to drive, and do not enter the water. 


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