Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 26, 2011 11AM

8.27.11 11AM
Thank you for calling Hatteras Realty. Today is Saturday, August 27 and the time is 11 am. Check in will be delayed today as no cleaners have shown up for work!

A little Hurricane Irene humor, right there.

Currently the wind is howling and the streets in Avon are not flooded. Of course, it’s raining to beat the band.

About 25 of us are riding out the storm in our Avon office. My name is Stewart Couch and I am the owner of Hatteras Realty. I built our Avon office to be hurricane resistant, but not hurricane proof. Those of us in this building are fine. So far, so good.

Power is out in the villages of Hatteras Island, but our Avon office has a whole house electrical generator and plenty of propane. So, those of us here in the building have lights, air conditioning, tons of food, and cooking facilities but the TV is a little fuzzy. I just called Charter Cable to complain, but no answer. They must be hanging with my cleaning crews. Eight of our group are from Lithuania with eyes as big as saucers, 10 Hispanic staff that are getting to be Hurricane veterans, and 7 of our permanent staff.

Amy Helle as well as Bob Barris report that Pamlico Sound is dry from Rodanthe to Hatteras. It looks like we will have more soundside flooding in the northern villages of Avon, Salvo, Waves and Rodanthe when the back side of Irene swings around than in the southern villages of Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras.

At 9 am, Amy says there are minor ocean breaches between Frisco and Hatteras Village and also at the “S” curves in Rodanthe. Amy also reports that the ocean water is flowing at a pretty good clip across Highway 12 at the “S” curves. See if you can access Dare County Web Cams at for more information. Winds have gusted to 80 mph but the center of circulation is not supposed to be here until 2PM or so. Our phone system just went down and we have no internet service.

Currently I am sending this message to staff who evacuated to Raleigh via Verison Mobile Broadband for posting. The cell towers are on generators, but I understand they only have about an hour or two left of fuel, then they go dead. I think I may be able to get out on Onstar from my car, but I would get drenched and sandblasted. I’ll check out that option later.

When can we expect to check in our guests? Good question. Depending on the breach at the “S” curves and the state of the vacation homes, it could be as early as Monday or Tuesday. That's my early guess, anyway.

For those with trip insurance, please contact our trip insurance provider, CSA.

From peeking out between the slats of our Fortress de Chez Hatteras Realty, this storm could be a lot worse. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, but I’m hoping for the best and really not fearing the worst.

Stay tuned for a 4 pm update.


R. Stewart Couch
Hatteras Realty, Inc.
800-HATTERAs (428-8372) ext. 222


  1. Hoping you guys stay safe hoping to see everyone soon we aren't far away! Hanging tight to hear ;-)


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