Hurricane Irene- After the Storm- Important Update 8.31.11 6PM

Date/Time: 8/31/2011 5:47:03 PM

After assessing utility conditions and the infrastructure necessary to support vital human services, Dare County Emergency Management has determined that there will be no entry for visitors to Hatteras Island through the Labor Day weekend.

Emergency Management is continuing to assess the situation on Hatteras Island and understands the importance of establishing re-entry for residents as quickly as possible. Steps are being taken to provide access as soon as the conditions and infrastructure can support re-entry.

At this time, the Ferry Division of NCDOT is transporting only critical personnel, essential commodities, and those with identified special medical needs.

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative (CHEC) – Update

Cooperative crews and Caterpillar technicians began working early Wednesday morning to correct issues with the Caterpillar 2 megawatt generator in the Avon substation. Still unable to pick up load, CHEC worked with NCEMC personnel to energize all Avon circuits with the diesel generator in Buxton. The Buxton plant is now providing emergency power to the villages of Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras.

The generator in Avon is now being transported to the Waves substation. Two of the four circuits in the tri-villages have been energized by a second Caterpillar 2 megawatt generator and are currently being alternated every three hours. Another Caterpillar technician will arrive Thursday morning to coordinate both generators to provide continuous emergency power (aside from fueling outages) to all circuits in the tri-villages.

CHEC continues to urge all members to conserve use of electricity until permanent transmission service is restored. Cooperation of all electric customers should allow all members of CHEC to enjoy electric service for their essential needs.

Cooperative and specialized contract crews accessed compromised road area near Pea Island by boat and by the bridge today to begin temporary restoration efforts of the 115kV transmission line.

CHEC will continue to provide updates as new information is available. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
No Entry for Visitors to Hatteras Island Through Labor Day Weekend


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