Hatteras Island: Yummy Summertime Treats

Beach Bear Cupcakes

With summer in full swing, I thought these cute beach cupcakes were the perfect summertime treat. They are just too cute not to share!  Here is how you can make your own cute beach cupcakes on your next beach vacation on Hatteras Island!
·         Box cake mix and frosting. Tint frosting with blue food dye.
·         Grind Teddy Grahams in a food processor to use as “sand”. And save a few Teddys   
            to be your beach goers!
·         Use Fruit Roll-Ups for the beach towels and sour Lifesaver gummies for the life 
·        That’s about it — they are pretty self-explanatory! The cupcakes are very easy to 
            make and would be great addition to any summertime event! 


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