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Hurricane Irene- After the Storm- Important Update 8.31.11 6PM

Date/Time: 8/31/2011 5:47:03 PM

After assessing utility conditions and the infrastructure necessary to support vital human services, Dare County Emergency Management has determined that there will be no entry for visitors to Hatteras Island through the Labor Day weekend.

Emergency Management is continuing to assess the situation on Hatteras Island and understands the importance of establishing re-entry for residents as quickly as possible. Steps are being taken to provide access as soon as the conditions and infrastructure can support re-entry.

At this time, the Ferry Division of NCDOT is transporting only critical personnel, essential commodities, and those with identified special medical needs.

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative (CHEC) – Update

Cooperative crews and Caterpillar technicians began working early Wednesday morning to correct issues with the Caterpillar 2 megawatt generator in the Avon substation. Still unable to pick up load, CHEC worked with NCEMC personnel to energize all…

Storm Status: Hurricane Irene August 31, 2011 5PM

Guests scheduled to arrive this weekend, and interested in alternatives for a vacation on the Outer Banks, can contact Brindley Beach Vacations on the northern Outer or call 1-877-642-3224. They have agreed to work with us, and our guests, to find new accomodations. Brindley will make every attempt to find you a similar property, and in the same price range that you orginially paid for your Hatteras Island home. When you contact Brindley Beach vacations let them know that you are a Hatteras Realty guest.
It is important to know that the trip insurance only covers the days lost due to a mandatory evacuation. No one knows at this point when the mandatory evacuation will be lifted, but we will post all evacuation updates to our website and Facebook as they are received. It is doubtful that the island will be reopened to our guests by next week, but we can not commit to any dates at this moment since that determination is just not possible.
For more in…

Storm Status: Hurricane Irene August 30, 2011 930PM

Storm Recovery Update for Hatteras Island & Other Areas of Dare County
North of Oregon Inlet - Reentry is now permitted for all residents and visitors (re-entry priorities 1,2,3,4) for portions of Dare County north of Oregon Inlet. Prior to re-entry visitors are urged to contact their accommodations provider to confirm that lodging will be available.

Hatteras Island - At this time there is no re-entry to Hatteras Island. Dare County Emergency Management is monitoring the efforts of Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative in restoring service to the island and will make further assessment of the situation once generator power is available for the entire island. Emergency Management understands the importance of restoring resident re-entry to Hatteras Island as quickly as possible and is taking the necessary steps to provide access for residents as soon as conditions and infrastructure can support re-entry.

The Ferry Division of NCDOT is transporting critical personnel and es…

Storm Status- Hurricane Irene- Message from Owner 8.30.11

A message from our owner Stewart Couch & VP Amy Helle. Please be patient as our Avon office is still without power, Internet or phones. We will continue to give you updates as they are available to us. We hope this video will help give you answers to many of your questions & concerns. Thank you again for your support & patience!

Storm Status: Hurricane Irene FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions off our Facebook page. Check here to see if any of your questions have been answered. We will try to update this with new questions and answers when we get them. Thank you!
Why can’t we get through on your phone number? As of right now, there is no power on the island. As long as the power is out, so are the phones and computer systems. We hope to have a temporary office set up in Nags Head soon to try and answer all your questions. When can we come back on the island?We understand your frustration about the uncertainty of the situation. Hatteras Island is currently inaccessible due to multiple breaches on NC-12. However, we don’t want to speculate at all on how long it will take to fix the road. Once we get the announcement that evacuation has been lifted and guests can come onto the island we will let everyone know. In the meantime, please be patient. We heard that the evacuation was lifted?
Dare County has lifted the evacuation for the areas no…

Storm Status: Hurricane Irene August 29,2011 1030AM

Dare County has posted a re-entry video explaining who can get back on the islands and when (still NO estimate for re-entry for residents OR visitors to Hatteras Island south of Oregon Inlet):

From our owner Stewart Couch via Skype-
I understand that your vacation is precious and important to you. It's important to us too. Many of our homes are ready for check-ins, but there is still no power, no internet, and spotty phone service. We can only check people in when they let people onto the island and restore power. I understand that a ferry came over today with essential personnel andsupplies, hopefully the ferry service will be running soon. The ferry will start transporting residents to assess damage and then once the residents have a chance to come over, maybe they'll open it up to visitors.

There are 25 employees staying at our Avon office, and 50 employees showed up to work today.

20 of 30 zones have been inspe…

Storm Status: Hurricane Irene August 28,2011 2PM

Dare County announced that limited re-entry will be allowed starting at 2 p.m. for residents, property owners and essential personnel except to Duck and Hatteras Island, which are not accessible. Re opening to visitors on the Outer Banks has been announced yet.
Access to Hatteras Island is blocked by sand and debris on N.C. 12, and the county said that the state Ferry Division is arranging emergency ferry service. More information will be available later in the day.
Flooding that rushed onto the west side of the barrier islands was extensive as the storm passed Saturday and winds shifted.
“Emergency Management advises everyone to stay indoors, and not attempt to drive until advised to do so after the damage assessment can be completed,” Dare County officials said in a statement.
Please keep checking back with us on new updates. Power is out across much of the OBX which is making communication difficult. Thank you for your patience!

Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 27, 2011 6PM

8.27.11 6PM
There is No Entry Permitted Into Dare County or Currituck Outer Banks There are widespread reports of power outages, downed lines, fallen trees, and impassable roads in Dare and Currituck counties. Contingency plans and resources are ready to begin restoration efforts as soon as it is safe to begin. Restoration efforts will be outlined in upcoming bulletins from Emergency Management after the initial damage assessment is completed. 
Dare County Emergency Management and Currituck County Emergency Management have damage assessment teams in place to perform an initial assessment once Hurricane Irene has passed. This assessment will be completed as quickly as possible and used to determine the first phase of re-entry. Until this can be done, there is no entry into Dare County, or the Currituck Outer Banks, and no entry to Hatteras Island for those in the northern portions of Dare County.
Before attempting re-entry to Dare County, or the Currituck Outer Banks, visit …

Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 27,2011 1PM

8.27.11 1PM
Power Outages and Impassable Roads due to Hurricane Irene
As Hurricane Irene moves through Dare County, power outages and impassable roads are being reported throughout the area. These conditions will continue and worsen for the duration of the storm. Everyone is advised to stay indoors, do not attempt to drive, and do not enter the water.

Power Outages
The electric companies providing service to Dare County all report outages that will continue for the duration of the storm. Service crews are unable to safely respond until the storm passes. The following outages are reported –

• Scattered outages on the northern beaches of Dare County and Roanoke Island reported by Dominion North Carolina Power.

• All Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative customers on Hatteras Island are without electrical service.

• Dare County Mainland customers of Tideland Electric are without power.

Important Contact Information
Dominion North Carolina Power 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357)

Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 26, 2011 11AM

8.27.11 11AM
Thank you for calling Hatteras Realty. Today is Saturday, August 27 and the time is 11 am. Check in will be delayed today as no cleaners have shown up for work!

A little Hurricane Irene humor, right there.

Currently the wind is howling and the streets in Avon are not flooded. Of course, it’s raining to beat the band.

About 25 of us are riding out the storm in our Avon office. My name is Stewart Couch and I am the owner of Hatteras Realty. I built our Avon office to be hurricane resistant, but not hurricane proof. Those of us in this building are fine. So far, so good.

Power is out in the villages of Hatteras Island, but our Avon office has a whole house electrical generator and plenty of propane. So, those of us here in the building have lights, air conditioning, tons of food, and cooking facilities but the TV is a little fuzzy. I just called Charter Cable to complain, but no answer. They must be hanging with my cleaning crews. Eight of our group are from Lithuania with eyes…
8.26.11 7PM
The window of opportunity for evacuation is rapidly closing. Dare County Emergency Management strongly warns everyone to take advantage of the remaining hours of daylight and evacuate immediately.

Gale force winds will enter our area throughout the evening and by Saturday morning Dare County will experience hurricane force winds with serious potential to cause structural damage, power outages, flooding, and impassable roads throughout all of Dare County.

Those who do not evacuate should expect consequences. Be prepared to sustain your household for at least 72 hours. There could also be extreme hazards and a major disruption of all services for a prolonged period of time. During the high winds expected during this storm, emergency personnel will not be able to respond to calls for help.

Dare County evacuees are advised to use Highway 64 West through Manns Harbor because roads to the north may be extremely congested due to the evacuation of low-lying areas in Norfolk, Virginia…

Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 26, 2011

8.26.11 10:30am
Hurricane Irene is a dangerous and serious threat for all of Dare County and the National Hurricane Center has issued a Hurricane Warning. Expect hurricane force winds with strong potential for severe consequences including structural damage, power outages, flooding, and impassable roads throughout Dare County.

A mandatory evacuation is now in effect for all visitors and residents. Dare County Emergency Management strongly urges everyone to heed the warning and evacuate as early as possible today. Those who do not evacuate should be prepared to sustain themselves for at least 72 hours and emergency personnel will not be able to respond to calls for help during the high winds expected during this storm.

It is recommended that Dare County evacuees use Highway 64 West through Manns Harbor because roads to the north are expected to be extremely congested due to Norfolk’s evacuation order for low-lying areas.

No new reentry stickers are available at this time. The previously …
Dare County Orders Evacuation of Residents 8.25.11 11:00am
The Dare County Control Group has ordered a mandatory evacuation for all Dare County residents beginning at 8:00 a.m., Friday, August 26.

Residents throughout Dare County should make evacuation plans in anticipation of Hurricane Irene. The storm poses a serious threat for all of Dare County, which is now under a Hurricane Watch. Hurricane force winds, with the potential for flooding and over wash on highways and roads throughout Dare County, are expected when the storm arrives on Saturday.

A mandatory evacuation for all visitors in Dare County began today at 8:00 a.m. and has been proceeding in an orderly fashion. Dare County Emergency Management urges visitors not to delay leaving the area. Visitors are also reminded to take all personal belongings during their evacuation.

Evacuation preparation steps are available at and

At this time there are no new reentry stickers being issued. The previously is…

Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 24, 2011

Dare County Order Evacuation of All Visitors
The Dare County Control Group has ordered a mandatory evacuation for all visitors throughout all of Dare County effective 8:00 a.m., Thursday, August 25.

All visitors are urged to make preparations and leave the area. Dare County Emergency Management urges visitors to take all personal belongings with them during evacuation. Other preparation steps are available at and

Although the mandatory evacuation order is for all Dare County visitors, residents are advised to take proper precautions and make general storm preparations. This effort should include securing all loose items outdoors. Monitor local news outlets for further advisories from the National Weather Service and state and local emergency management officials.

The Dare County Control Group will meet again on Thursday, August 25 after the 5:00 p.m. storm advisory has been issued by the National Hurricane Center. Further evacuations should be anti…

Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 24, 2011

8.24.11 12:15 PM What a beautiful morning on Hatteras Island! No signs of Irene here, but it appears the projected path has remained the same and the storm is still headed our way. Over the past two days there has been a continuous trend of guidance to shift this storm to the right. Most of the guidance is now offshore of the NC coast with only a couple making landfall on the Outer Banks and the rest offshore. It's expected intensity and slow approach from the south should still pile up water on the west side of Pamlico Sound and along the beach with model guidance indicating near 50 foot seas offshore as Irene comes north. Even with its more offshore approach than before there should be significant high water and flooding west portions. Its exact path and its intensity becomes very critical as it comes by the Outer Banks Saturday night. As it comes by, winds will come around to the North and Northwest and bring a strong surge of soundside water over Hatteras Island. Expect sound s…

Storm Status- Hurricane Irene August 23, 2011

8.23.11 3:40 PM  With Hurricane Irene moving up the eastern coastline, Hatteras Realty staff has begun preparations in the event the storm continues on the projected path. Currently, we have a gorgeous beach day with sunny blue skies, a nice breeze and mild summer temperatures. As Irene approaches we will be frequently providing updated information on our Blog page with current weather conditions via You Tube videos and important links with accurate weather. Please see the links below for additional information.

A mandatory evacuation has been issued for all visitors of Ocracoke/Hyde County effective 5 AM, Wednesday, August 24, 2011. There will be a mandatory evacuation for all residents for Ocracoke /Hyde County beginning at 5 AM, Thursday, August 25, 2011. If you are currently staying in a home on Hatteras Island you may want to begin to prepare your belongings in case Dare County declares evacuation.

As the storm continues to head this way our staff may be out in the field checking on…

Hatteras Realty to Host Avon Art Show

Hatteras Island is home to a thriving artist community. In every village there are art galleries exhibiting truly exceptional local works in a variety of mediums.

This thursday, August 11th stop by the lawn at Hatteras Realty in Avon to check out a collaboration of all of the local artists at the Avon Art Show. With a vast array of ceramics, jewelry, painting, drawing, wood, photography, carvings, mixed media and much more you are sure to find something that catches your eye. This is the last art show of this series for the 2011 summer season, so don't miss it!

The fish fry will begin at 5pm. Proceeds will go to the Avon Worship Center Youth Group. Admission is free so come hang out with the locals!

Hatteras Island: Yummy Summertime Treats

Beach Bear Cupcakes
With summer in full swing, I thought these cute beach cupcakes were the perfect summertime treat. They are just too cute not to share! Here is how you can make your own cute beach cupcakes on your next beach vacation on Hatteras Island! ·Box cake mix and frosting. Tint frosting with blue food dye. ·     Grind Teddy Grahams in a food processor to use as “sand”. And save a few Teddys                to be your beach goers! ·        Use Fruit Roll-Ups for the beach towels and sour Lifesaver gummies for the life              preservers. ·That’s about it — they are pretty self-explanatory! The cupcakes are very easy to              make and would be great addition to any summertime event!  ENJOY!