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Hatteras Island Guilt Free Beach BBQ

Tips for a Guilt Free Beach BBQ
We all know what comes to mind when we think vacation days at the beach…BBQ! Unfortunately, hot dog and hamburger season coincides with bathing suit season. A summer full of fun feasts can start adding some numbers to the scale. This is not to say that we should avoid BBQ for fear of weight gain, but we should make right choices and substitute healthier recipes when we can.
The easiest way to ensure there is one healthy food you’ll enjoy, and feel good about eating, is to volunteer to bring a dish! Bring a tray of shish-kabobs loaded with tasty vegetables, or a quinoa salad is a terrific side dish that blends well with a BBQ. Another good tip is to skip the empty carbs. When reaching for the hamburger buns try to grab whole wheat or whole grain buns. They might be a little harder to find, but well worth the effort!
When it comes to alcohol, some choices are better than others. Pack a cooler of light beers, or try out a new mixed drink. Here is a quick …