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Hatteras Island Beach Driving Tips

Driving on the beach is a TON of fun! Getting stuck—not so much!  Without proper preparation and driving techniques tires can cut into soft sand like a hot knife to butter. Before approaching the beach ramp pull out of the way of incoming traffic and air down your tires. This is a VERY important step! The only safe and controlled procedure to drive on soft sand is with substantially deflated tires. Depending on your tire size and car weight, drop tire pressure 2/3 down from your recommended highway pressure. Once this is complete, put the vehicle into 4WD and build some momentum as you hit the ramp. Keep a steady pace and try to follow previous vehicles tracks. If you find yourself beginning to spin at any point, STOP, put the car in reverse, and then try going forward again.  Make sure to be considerate to other cars getting on and off the ramps. We don’t want anyone losing momentum when getting on and off the beach. At the end of your journey make sure you return to 2WD and pump up yo…