Hatteras Island Beach Horseback Riding

Picture this. You are galloping along the shore line of the ocean without a care in the world; the wind blowing through your hair, the smell of the salt air and only the sound of the waves hitting the shore and hooves beating on the sand. Well, it sounded good to me too, so I called the gals at Equine Adventures in Frisco! They were more than willing to fit me in to the ride and we made plans for a Monday morning stroll to Frisco Beach.
The morning starts off great with a clear sky and warm weather, so my excitement was uncontainable. I picked up a few out of town friends and headed to the stables in Frisco. I met the girls in charge (and the horses) we signed our waivers, jumped in the saddle and headed out. Sweet and simple.
The ride through Frisco woods boasts an unbelievably relaxing experience. The trail is narrow and provides an engaging ride with winding turns, small hills, mud pits and water holes to navigate. The pace is slow and conversation is flowing with the friendly guides, Trish and Heather. Every now and then we stop to let Jack, one of the horses, catch up. He likes to set his own pace. The trek is 45 minutes long.
When the woods start to thin the sound of the ocean begins beckoning and the horses get a little excited… and so do the riders. We stop just before the dune line to tighten the girths of the saddles then head on through the last water hole before breaching the dune line to the view of the Atlantic Ocean. The horse’s excitement is radiating and Buzz shakes his head in anticipation.
It’s not long before Buzz and I are cantering down the shore line and strangely I forget about everything else around me. The sounds of the ocean waves, the horse’s breath, the hooves on the sand and the wind engulf my senses. We run for a while before turning to head back. The horses relax and everyone enjoys the stroll back along the water edge, up through the dunes, and back down the trail to the stables. What a serene yet exciting way to start the day.
If you are looking for a truly unique experience and enjoy adventure, horseback riding with Equine Adventures needs to be added to the Hatteras Island bucket list. You don’t have to be experienced to enjoy this ride, but if you are experienced, this will not disappoint!


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