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March Hatteras Island Photos

This month there have been so many wonderful photo submissions! Thank you to everyone for sharing your vacation memories with us! Here are a few of the photos. To view all of the photos submitted, click here! Make sure you share your memories and you could be entered to win the 2011 photo contest! Keep those great pics comin'!

Cape Hatteras Civil War Event- "Flags Over Hatteras"

The Outer Banks became a battleground in August 1861 largely because of its significance to maritime commerce and war positioning. On Hatteras Island, the Confederate government ordered the construction of several forts including two at Hatteras Inlet,FortHatterasand FortClark to maintain their control of theNorth Carolinawaterways and to protect the privateers activities.
This action would be the Union's first joint forces operation of the war consisting of the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Marine's. The Confederate forces at Hatteras Inlet were completely unprepared for the Federal bombardment in late August.
On Aug. 28th the Federal Naval Expedition consisting of seven war ships delivered the most intense bombardment up to that time of the civil war. By noon, confederate troops from the 7th NC Independent Company fled Fort Clark to Fort Hatteras for safe haven. That afternoon about three miles north of Fort Clark the Union was attempting an amphibious landing of federal troops…

Hatteras Island Starfish- How To

How to Preserve Your Starfish and Other Shells

Ok, so you have scoured the beaches of Cape Hatteras and spent hours of hard work looking for the perfect specimen to display on your shelves. But seriously, if you find that perfect piece of sea life that was washed ashore and you want to turn it into a keepsake, there might be a few steps you need to take first. 
Check out that starfish... give it a whiff. Smell? Yep, more than likely even if it was dried out when you found it there is still a lingering smell and quite frankly could use a little cleaning. Well here is where you need some help. This also works well for sanddollars and other similar shells.
You will need:
Flattened cardboard box or drying surface
Large flat bowl (at least 2" deep)
Baking Soda
Metal flat slotted spoon

Start by laying out the cardboard or other flat surface. Sprinkle with the baking soda and salt to make a thin layer on the cardboard. 
In the bowl, mix together bleach and water to have a depth of…

Outer Banks Art Shows

The Outer Banks are often thought of as a group of fishing communities where
visitors may enjoy the best in surfing, boating, fishing, shelling, swimming and much
more. In years past those who also enjoyed shopping for keepsakes of their visit were
limited to the traditional souvenir type stores. That is no longer true.
Hatteras Island is home to a thriving artist community. In every village there are
art galleries exhibiting truly exceptional local works in a variety of mediums: oil and
water painting, photography, stained and fused glass, jewelry, pottery, wood work and
carvings, textiles, metals and much more. The owners of these galleries insure that most
of their displays are solely from the local artists. Many of these artists are award-winning
in their field of expertise.
In addition to the galleries themselves, during the spring and summer months
there are many open-air art shows in all the Hatteras Island villages. These shows may be
one or two days affairs where the local artists exhibi…