A Village Named Avon

In a recent article from an online source called Hotels in Hatteras, the writer gives a brief synopsis on the perks of the beautiful town named Avon. Their article, Find Vacation Peace in Avon, is a perfect portrayal of why to choose Hatteras Island for a vacation spot.

Travelers attracted to the Outer Banks of North Carolina know what they want from a vacation: a laid-back experience where everyone can do their own thing in a setting defined by simple coastal beauty and plentiful outdoor options. This long land of beaches, water sports and maritime history has become the number one place for many vacationers of a certain disposition, so whether it’ll be the first time or the tenth, consider a trip to Avon, one of the brightest spots along this stretch of holiday heaven.
Avon is located in the center of Hatteras Island. Once called Kinnakeet, this village has come a long way from the flat, unprotected barrier isle that attracted strong winds and little else. Today, dunes have been built for protection and homes properly fortified so as to encourage visitors rather than scare them away. A handy grocery store, a still-busy fishing port and the ingenuity to take advantage of the stiff breezes have cemented Avon’s reputation as a prime vacation destination.
Windsurfing and kite boarding have become huge draws thanks to the natural conditions and the facilities that have sprung up to support the needs of the sports enthusiasts as well as the spectators. These modern pursuits are accommodated with gear shops, rental stores and lesson-givers. Anything related to either of these thrilling engagements is offered in Avon, so be prepared to feel a massive rush of adrenaline if you’re so inclined. Even just watching others engage in some sky-soaring will add an element of fun to any vacation.
To see the beauty of the island while remaining firmly planted on the ground, consider renting bicycles and pedaling around for a few hours. It’s always a good idea to get some exercise while on vacation, and when you can do it while checking out the landscape firsthand and enjoying a peaceful day with your loved ones, so much the better. Highway 12 takes riders from one end of the island to the other, so hop on the road and see where your legs can carry you.
The beaches here in Avon are considered to be some of the most appealing on the entire island and they make a great place for all the typical activities you and your family will most certainly be engaging in. The thought of being immersed in a culture of leisure surely excites you all now; just wait until you’re actually able to spend entire days swimming, shelling, sailing, kayaking, four wheeling, playing basketball, organizing trips to see the lighthouses…the possibilities are endless and you’ll soon be crafting perfect days filled with nothing but low-key, lazy day pursuits.
Making your way to other villages for some sightseeing would make for a fun day trip once a solid sense of contentment has set in to your very core, as the Outer Banks goes on for a manageable ninety miles of surf and sand. Fisherpeople might be interested in making their way up and down the coast in search of the perfect pier from which to cast a line, and the chance to see wild horses or the Wright Brothers Museum might be the very thing to add a sense of history and depth to the holiday.
To complete this experience and ensure that everyone in your group has the kind of trip worth bragging about, rent one of the warm and inviting vacation rentals that Avon displays on its shores. These properties aren’t necessarily jumbo-sized, but many of them are – thus accounting for this region’s popularity as a family friendly place to spend a few days. Cousins, grandparents, babies, dogs…everyone has a right to kick back and have a good time without feeling claustrophobic, and these spacious beach houses that exist everywhere you look do a wonderful job of accommodating any kind of gathering.
Check out the properties, check out the towns, and check out your family’s faces as you tell them to start packing their bags for a vacation that will soon go down in history as one of the best you all have taken. Start with the Avon Vacation Rental and the rest will soon follow.


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