Spa Koru Open House/ Yogathon!

OPEN HOUSE ALL DAY! – Come visit Koru Village and work out or take one of our fitness classes for FREE ALL DAY.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about what has been going on at Koru Village and also what exciting things are planned for the future.  Enjoy food from the Catering Company of Hatteras Island. Everyone is welcome!!
HOLIDAY BLOW OUT SALE – Save 30-50% on select retail!

The word yoga means “unity” – in honor of Thanksgiving Koru Village is unifying the yoga community by bringing all five teachers together for this special event.  Five classes in five hours, with five different teachers sharing five different styles.  Donations are welcome for Hatteras Island Meals on Wheels.
Yoga Schedule:
2pm-3pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Paulette Boyden – Begin the yogathon with a high intensity yoga class, that will incorporate plenty of sun salutations and balancing postures.  It is impossible not to have a good time in Paulette’s class.  Her amazing sense of humor will have you smiling throughout the class!
3pm-4pm Hip Hop Yoga with Wendi Palmer – Yoga does not always have to be guided by slow, soft music.  Come check out this East meets West yoga class, featuring the latest dance jams, your favorite yoga postures, all guided by one of Koru’s favorite teachers.
4pm-5pm Core Strengthening Yoga with Ashley Gayle – Get ready for all that turkey and pumpkin pie with core enhancing balancing postures and detoxifying twists.
5pm-6pm Heart Opening Postures with Tami Thompson – In honor of Thanksgiving come enjoy this class centered on back bends to open the heart with Koru’s veteran yoga teacher.
6pm-7pm Restorative Yoga with Rebecca Elsen – Come meet Koru’s newest yoga teacher. The perfect way to end the day and prepare for the busy holiday season, Rebecca will lead students through gentle yoga postures that incorporate the use of props.  You are sure to leave feeling completely relaxed.


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