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Ocracoke Wine Tasting at Zillies

For an evening filled with robust flavors and great conversation, head to Ocracoke and Zillie's Pantry. Zillie's is a great little spot on the back road that offers a large selection of wine, worldly beer, unique gourmet spreads, bar tools, wireless internet, and even a fire pit in the off season. Stop by during one of their famous wine tastings for a real treat. We were there on a cool fall evening and were joined by all of the locals surrounding the fire pit. With the massive selection of unique beers and wines by the glass its a great casual place for a good drink with friends. Head inside for the wine tasting and get to know the other patrons. The intimate setting and casual atmosphere makes you feel at home. Each wine is paired with a delicious sample of hors d'oeuvres with jams, cheeses and crackers. With tastings of 5 different wines you also receive great discounts on the bottles and between tastings can wander the store. Our tasting for the evening consisted of fi…

A Village Named Avon

In a recent article from an online source called Hotels in Hatteras, the writer gives a brief synopsis on the perks of the beautiful town named Avon. Their article, Find Vacation Peace in Avon, is a perfect portrayal of why to choose Hatteras Island for a vacation spot.

Travelers attracted to the Outer Banks of North Carolina know what they want from a vacation: a laid-back experience where everyone can do their own thing in a setting defined by simple coastal beauty and plentiful outdoor options. This long land of beaches, water sports and maritime history has become the number one place for many vacationers of a certain disposition, so whether it’ll be the first time or the tenth, consider a trip to Avon, one of the brightest spots along this stretch of holiday heaven. Avon is located in the center of Hatteras Island. Once called Kinnakeet, this village has come a long way from the flat, unprotected barr…

Shrimp and Rice Pilaf

3 ounces salt pork, cut into ½ inch cubes
1 tablespoon dried parsley
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
¼ cup finely chopped green pepper
½ cup chopped purple onion
½ cup chopped celery
1 bay leaf
¼ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper
½ cup dry white wine
1 ½ cups water
¾ cup uncooked rice
¼ cup ketchup
2 small tomatoes, finely chopped
1 tablespoon Pickapeppa sauce
1 pound medium shrimp, peeled and deveined
Skewer the salt pork cubes on toothpicks. In a large cast iron skillet, cook the salt pork over low heat, stirring constantly. Once the pan has a thin coating of rendered fat, add the parsley and garlic and toss until the pork is coated by the herbs. Add the green pepper, onion, celery, bay leaf, salt and pepper. Toss the mixture and cook over low heat for about 5 minutes. Slowly pour in the wine, stirring constantly. Add the water and all other ingredients except shrimp. Turn the heat up and cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Reduce the heat, add the shrimp, cover and cook for about…

Energy Friendly Travel Tips

As we all search to find ways to reduce energy consumption and cost, we sometimes overlook the small things that we can do. If you are planning on traveling and are looking for some tips on how you can reduce your electric bill while you are gone, look no further. These simple tips from an article written by Mark Williams of the Associated Press are a great and easy way to help cut costs. 
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Spa Koru Open House/ Yogathon!

OPEN HOUSE ALL DAY! – Come visit Koru Village and work out or take one of our fitness classes for FREE ALL DAY.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about what has been going on at Koru Village and also what exciting things are planned for the future.  Enjoy food from the Catering Company of Hatteras Island. Everyone is welcome!!
HOLIDAY BLOW OUT SALE – Save 30-50% on select retail!

The word yoga means “unity” – in honor of Thanksgiving Koru Village is unifying the yoga community by bringing all five teachers together for this special event.  Five classes in five hours, with five different teachers sharing five different styles.  Donations are welcome for Hatteras Island Meals on Wheels.
Yoga Schedule:
2pm-3pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Paulette Boyden – Begin the yogathon with a high intensity yoga class, that will incorporate plenty of sun salutations and balancing postures.  It is impossible not to have a good time in Paulette’s class.  Her …