ESA Returns to Cape Hatteras

ESA is the largest amateur surfing association in the world, with a current membership of over 7,000 surfers. Their family oriented programs promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The Association’s activities are organized into a total of twenty-six districts, which extend along nearly 2,000 miles of coastline. Stretching from Maine through the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama, and the Great Lakes across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, each district’s programs are developed and operated by a dedicated group of volunteer directors and staff.
With a history of over forty years of success, ESA contests are organized at the grassroots, district level on a year round basis. Each District conducts four or more contests per year, and each year the ESA has over 150 competitions along the entire East Coast. From the local District level top finishers are invited to advance to Region competition (of which there are three), then the top finishers in those championship events are invited to the The Easterns® held each September at Cape Hatteras N.C. This is the official championship of the East Coast of the United States and is now in its 4th decade!

If you are in town this week check out the schedule and stop by to see some of the best surfers on the East Coast. For a schedule of events of for more information visit


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