Harbor Deli Hot Spot

After my morning meeting I decided to stop for lunch at the Hatteras Harbor Deli. New to town, I had never been in before. I quickly read through the menu and went to the counter to order. I asked the manager what she recommended and she told me that “The Captain” and the “Spreader Bar” were their most popular items so I chose the “Spreader Bar”. While I waited for it to be prepared I spoke with the manager for a few minutes. She was very friendly and told me all about the deli. Since I had not been in before I had no idea they were open at 5am for breakfast. She also explained that they prepare lunches for those who want to get an early start in the morning without having to hassle with packing and preparing their own lunches. They have an entire menu, the “Offshore Menu”, of premade lunch combinations to make life easier for the fishermen in the marina.
 When my lunch arrived I took a seat out on the air conditioned porch area. It was a nice day so instead of air conditioning, the fans were running and the windows were open. The breeze blew through making it perfectly comfortable. I only made it through about half of my sandwich before I was full. It was loaded with meats, cheeses, lettuce and tomato and was absolutely delicious. The windows allow for a great view of the marina and because they were open, while I ate I listened to a few of the local fishermen talk about what they had caught earlier in the day. It was a very relaxing lunch with a great view and friendly service. I highly recommend it. Whether you have been out on the boat or out on the beach, there is nothing better than a good deli sandwich on a hot summer’s day and Harbor Deli has some of the best!
-Melissa Emery (Marketing Intern)


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