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Harbor Deli Hot Spot

After my morning meeting I decided to stop for lunch at the Hatteras Harbor Deli. New to town, I had never been in before. I quickly read through the menu and went to the counter to order. I asked the manager what she recommended and she told me that “The Captain” and the “Spreader Bar” were their most popular items so I chose the “Spreader Bar”. While I waited for it to be prepared I spoke with the manager for a few minutes. She was very friendly and told me all about the deli. Since I had not been in before I had no idea they were open at 5am for breakfast. She also explained that they prepare lunches for those who want to get an early start in the morning without having to hassle with packing and preparing their own lunches. They have an entire menu, the “Offshore Menu”, of premade lunch combinations to make life easier for the fishermen in the marina.  When my lunch arrived I took a seat out on the air conditioned porch area. It was a nice day so instead of air conditioning, the fa…

Destination Weddings with Hatteras!

Thinking about getting married on Hatteras Island?Ever consider Hatteras Island for your destination wedding? From a beautiful sunset wedding, to a glamorous beach front ceremony, Hatteras Realty has an amazing selection of event homes that are perfect for your special day!  We can accommodate your wedding party and all of your family and friends in any of our rentals. We try to encourage all potential brides and grooms to check out some of our premier event homes:

The Love Boat Croatan Ridge Casa Alabbexi Forever Moore Cayman Sunset PrivaSea Beach Sunsational   Great Expectations

So what do you think? Could you see yourself walking down the isle with the sand beneath your feet, and your groom waiting for you with the ocean breaking behind him?  Hatteras Island is fast becoming a popular location for destination weddings. From the casual seaside get-together, to the most elegant formal affairs, the best beach wedding begins with Hatteras Realty!
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Travel For Your Health!

A recent article on attributed a healthier, happier and more energized life to… travel!
More frequent travel can reduce stress, slim your body, help sleep patterns and strengthen relationships. Vacations have proven to reduce levels of cortisol in the body which is a stress hormone causing belly fat, thus reducing the circumference of your waist! Doing more things that make you happy actually contribute to a higher quality sleep and ultimately you will feel more relaxed and less stressed at work. By vacationing you can even reduce your risk of developing heart disease according to a study by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. And studies also show that women who travel at least once a year are more content in their relationships. Overall, whether it is a weekend getaway or a 10 day excursion, you are likely to live a happier life with a frequent change of scenery.
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Kaia's Kitchen Open Mic Nights in Hatteras

Want a relaxed vibe with some good tunes and maybe a little late night snack? Kaia’s Kitchen is the place to be Wednesday nights during the summer months. This low key local hot spot hosts an afterhour’s open mic. night from 7-11. They serve beer and wine and you can order sandwiches off of their delicious menu. The stage is set up on the deck of Stowe on Twelve where Kaia’s is located. With outdoor seating in the veranda it is a great spot to listen to low key acoustic jams with the ocean as the background. This is definitely a local hangout spot during the week and is well worth stopping by. You can even bring your four-legged family member. Since it is outdoors dogs are welcome to enjoy the tunes also! If you have skills bring your guitar and vocals. Anyone is welcome to participate. If you are not musically inclined, not to worry, you will feel right at home just sitting back with a beverage and enjoying the warm evening with some great company.

4th of July on Hatteras Island

If you are on Hatteras Island for the 4th of July and looking for a fun way to celebrate the holiday, we have plenty of suggestions. Enjoy some of the local traditions and celebrations from Rodanthe all the way to Ocracoke. Wherever you end up and whatever you do, have a safe and exciting holiday weekend! Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Independence Day Celebration The seventh annual Independence Day Celebration, sponsored by the Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Civic Association, features patriotic music, community singing and a reading of the Declaration of Independence. Enjoy a watermelon feast afterwards. Festivities begin at 3:30 at the Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Community Building. Mojo Collins at Hatteras Landing Enjoy Folk n’ Blues music on the sunset deck of Hatteras Landing Marina (7pm-11pm). Don’t miss this world renowned guitarist! Come celebrate Independence Day with some tunes! Hatteras Village Freedom Fest In Hatteras, Freedom Fest kicks off at 4 p.m. on Highway 12 in the center of Hatteras village. Food…