Offshore Fishing Day Trip

It was a cool ride with choppy seas at 6am as we headed out of the Hatteras Inlet to the north east to catch some dolphin (mahi mahi). My father and I have always spent quality time on the boat together. Today was no different. The slamming of the boats bow kept me from sitting for about the first hour of the ride. With camera in hand I waited for the sky to clear and finally took a seat at the back of the boat. When the sun finally came through I closed my eyes as the warmth took away my goose-bumps. That is always the best part of the day- until the first hook up!
Fish on! It’s always exciting to hear the first yell of the day while everyone scrambles to grab the rod and start cranking. We had caught seven dolphin within the first hour of lines in the water. A bull gaffer was caught first then a smaller cow as I slung her into the boat. After trolling for what seemed like forever we came across a beautiful sight. A mother whale and her calf were strolling on by just as peaceful as can be. I took plenty of photos before we kept moving south.
We stopped mid-day to do some bottom fishing and have some lunch. We put the electric reels out and dropped the lines about 600 ft. and in a few minutes hooked up on grouper and tilefish. With a flip of the switch the lines is spun back on the reel and the fish slowly pop up out of the water. Not too long later we came across another treat- a sunfish flapping his fin on the surface. More photos snapped and we popped the tabs of the beers. After checking a few different spots we headed in for the day. Cold Coronas on the ride home with a slick sea made for a really relaxing ride. What started out as a “short day” ended up being a full day of fishing with us getting back to the dock around 6pm. Dad cleaned a few fish so we could have them for dinner. I took home two nice filets and fried ‘em up with a side of pilaf and fresh corn on the cob. It really doesn’t get any better than that!


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