Hatteras Island Surfing

With miles and miles of untamed beaches and a raw ocean, Hatteras Island is said to have some of the most radical and challenging waves on the East Coast. Growing up, I knew that a trip to Hatteras Island meant a week of non –stop surf and sun, followed by sore muscles, sun kissed skin, and great tales of epic sessions playing in blue-green waves. Whether you are looking to score big glassy barrels or long easy rides, the island’s curving coastline allows conditions for all levels of surfers.
The surfers who live and vacation here become spoiled by the un-crowded breaks and a friendly local crowd, two things that are often never found in popular surf destinations. Famous spots like S-Turns, the Lighthouse and the Frisco Pier become “crowded” in Hatteras terms, but there are always enough waves for everyone. When these spots are really working, the beach becomes lined with spectators and photographers, hypnotized by the gigantic swell.

The heavy swell season on the island begins in late August and continues through the winter. August through October boast warm water temperatures and some of the best waves of the year. In the winter, the conditions become a bit harsh, but between windy days you can score some of the most amazing days in the water. Just be prepared to put that 5 mil wetsuit to good use.
The spring and summer months are the perfect time for beginners, intermediates or first-timers to hit the waves. 

With warm, crystal blue water and gentle waves, it is easy for anyone to become hooked on riding. Many of the local surf shops offer group or private lessons, or have a great selection of rental boards if you want to get out there and learn yourself! Whether you are a seasoned shredder or completely new to the scene, Hatteras Island has everything you need to catch the stoke. So suit up, grab a board and go get wet!
-Laura Heitsenrether


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