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As we all know, Hatteras Island provides so many different opportunities for leisure activities for both vacationers and locals alike. With ample history, pristine surroundings and top water sport conditions, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. So with that thought in mind this first blog is all about the unique things that all of our staff members enjoy doing on their time out of the office. This taste of topics is only a sample of what we will discuss in future blogs.

I recently asked all of the Hatteras Realty staff members what it is about the Island that makes it so special to each of them. With all of the shared opinions and passionate responses, it is easy to see that the Island is truly special to everyone that lives and visits here. Oddly enough there was a strong trend of similar past-times.

One shared hobby on Hatteras Island is photography. There are so many great photo opportunities here. Pea Island is great for birds. Canadian Hole is a favorite not only for the windsurfers and kiteboarders, but also the beautiful sunsets. The lighthouse area is great for taking photos of surfers, waves, beautiful grasses (especially in late summer, early fall) and of course, the lighthouse. Hatteras Village is a favorite for the fishing fleet, old fish houses and again, the sunset. All times of the year present something special for photographers. Even amateur photographers can take professional looking photos because of all the great subject matter here. All you have to do is take a chair, a book, a camera and sunscreen and you can spend hours watching watersports, taking pictures and enjoying pure relaxation!

Many people love being able to pack everyone and everything in the car and drive out on the beach to spend the day with friends, family and pets. It is a totally different experience than any other beach! Spending an entire day with friends, cooking out, playing games and coming home with your skin tight from sun and salt is a great feeling you can’t get anywhere else. We are spoiled with the ability to hop out of a car and have your own sense of privacy on your own little piece of beach with minimal restrictions. Personally, as much as I love the beach, I also love going out in the sound on the boat with the family for a day of clamming. I share this opinion with another staff member that said, “To be standing in the middle of the sound, ankle deep, no other boats around, unless they know your secret clamming spot, makes you feel so free! Then bringing a bushel back and eating them freshly steamed! Just knowing you provided that for yourself…took it start to finish…really cool!”

But by far, the one thing that stood out was the beach. Whether it be an early morning sunrise walk with a cup of coffee or a late evening stroll with a serene sunset, the peaceful sounds and smells of the ocean draw in many people. Watching the waves, listening to shells turning and seeing the wildlife of the ocean after a long day makes anyone feel relaxed and lucky to be able to live in such a great place that too many visitors is paradise. Looking for sea glass, shells and other washed up treasures never gets old. After the sun sets, the beach still has more to offer. Star gazing on the Island on a clear night is spectacular! I’ve watched the space shuttle pass by on more than one occasion. With no city lights to dim the view, you hardly need a telescope to see the constellations and watch shooting stars- all while the ocean waves lull you. As one staff member said, “The ocean calms your soul!”


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