Kiteboarding Spots on Hatteras Island

Our Pamlico Sound has a really wide fetch, or the wind travels a long distance undisturbed over the water, making for steady and often very strong winds. This combined with the fact that the sound is between ankle and waist deep for the most part make it one of the best places on earth for kite surfing. Numerous places are available to rig and launch: the very popular Kite Point is just south of the Haul Over parking lot or “Canadian Hole” on the sound side which was made popular by windsurfers. Across Highway 12 are the ocean waves of Avon with Buxton which have an ever changing sand bar for kite surfing in waves. Lighthouse Beach is a few miles south of there with its three jetties known for steep and fast waves. Kiters, windsurfers and surfers alike will all be out at this spot if conditions are just right.

“The Cove” is what the waters just south of Buxton’s well known Point are called, and an east or southeast wind here gives the kiters and windsurfers a “point break” which can make for optimum conditions not found anywhere else on the east coast. This is the place to go when the blowing sand makes you want to just stay in the car! The kite surfing in “The Cove” on those days is undoubtedly world class.

Depending on wind direction and wave conditions kite surfers launch on the Southside anywhere from Robin Lane in Frisco to Hatteras Inlet. Soundside in Frisco just above Hatteras Village is Isabel Inlet’s parking lot; very popular especially if the wind is from the north which is common in spring and fall. Southwest winds prevail in summer months so many Soundside locations from Askins Creek to Kinnakeet Shores up into Kinnakeet Village and Island Creek in Avon have waterfront locations are great launch sites; some with sandy beaches, some with bulkheads and lawns.

Check with any local watersports shop; Kitty Hawk Kites in Rodanthe, OceanAir in Avon, Hatteras Island Boardsports in Avon, or Fox Watersports in Buxton and you can find out what the best place will be for that day’s conditions. Four wheel drive is helpful but not always necessary. Be courteous as people from other locations might have different customs from your beaches at home and watch out for the power lines!
-Monica Jones


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