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Sound Kayaking on Hatteras

For those who want to discover all the many pleasures and experiences Hatteras Island has to offer, kayaking in the sound is an activity well worth trying.The 60+ miles of sound shoreline to explore consists of small islands, secluded coves, narrow channels winding through miles of marshes, and untouched beaches scattered with driftwood and shells. Often you can spend a day in the sound, paddling for miles, and not see or hear a soul. You will see a variety of birds; egrets, herons, tern, gulls, oyster catchers, osprey, ibisis, pelicans, and skimmers. You can quietly glide into a bay and come upon deer, nutria, fox, racoons, and opossums. You will see along the marsh shores thousands of mud and fiddler crabs scrambling away from you. As your kayak glides through the waves, sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, rays, blue crabs, a variety of fish and, on the rare occasion, a dolphin will swim right under you.Generally, there are 3 types of kayaks available suitable for the sound: open surf ka…

Welcome to the Hatteras Realty Blog!

As we all know, Hatteras Island provides so many different opportunities for leisure activities for both vacationers and locals alike. With ample history, pristine surroundings and top water sport conditions, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. So with that thought in mind this first blog is all about the unique things that all of our staff members enjoy doing on their time out of the office. This taste of topics is only a sample of what we will discuss in future blogs.

I recently asked all of the Hatteras Realty staff members what it is about the Island that makes it so special to each of them. With all of the shared opinions and passionate responses, it is easy to see that the Island is truly special to everyone that lives and visits here. Oddly enough there was a strong trend of similar past-times.

One shared hobby on Hatteras Island is photography. There are so many great photo opportunities here. Pea Island is great for birds. Canadian Hole is a favorite not only for th…